9 Examples of Neighbours From Hell

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We all know THAT neighbour. They leave their bins out all week, their flower beds have more weeds than flowers, or they throw wild house parties more than just occasionally. Not only is blaring music incredibly obnoxious (especially at one in the morning), bad neighbours can also affect the sale and value of your home. Luckily, that’s when a Community Association is on your side and can help you deal with them if things get too out of hand.

They might be driving you up the wall, but there’s no way your neighbours are as bad as these ones. It’s as if they came straight from hell…

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1. A Nauseating Pink

Some people dream about painting their house an outlandish color at some point in their lives (peacock inspired emerald and gold, anyone?), but most of us grow out of that phase or simply think better of it.

The people who live here never grew out of that phase and are certainly “Keepin’ It Weird” with their Pepto Bismol-pink home. To add insult to injury, they added a half-height panel fence in lieu of a white picket fence. Yikes! Someone please pass the Pepto…


2. Roaring Racetrack

While your neighbour continuously revving their motorcycle for a half hour at four a.m. every day is incredibly rude, at least he didn’t win the lotto and then put in a 24-hour racetrack. Think of all the improvements you could make to your home and neighbourhood with a giant payday. Unless you’re already a NASCAR driver, a noisy and dangerous racetrack doesn’t belong on that list.


3. No TV, No Problem

You wouldn’t usually care if the guy next door has an ugly couch…

… unless, of course, that couch is on his roof and he can see over your fence. His cooler makes it seem like he’s planning to be out there a while… so cringy! (cringey? cringe-y?)


4. Pigs

It’s annoying enough when your neighbour leaves their garbage by the curb all week long, but at least they seem to be using their garbage bin, right?

Food and drink remnants are sure to attract the worst kind of vermin, and the entire neighbourhood is due to suffer whenever there’s even a light breeze. If this is what their yard looks like, can you imagine the inside of their home? Barf.


5. Yard Sale

It’s a great experience when the neighbourhood comes together and has one collective yard sale. They can be fun and help everyone cut down on clutter.

What doesn’t tend to be an enjoyable experience is when the hermit down the street keeps her lawn looking like there’s a yard sale every day of the year. One or two items can add character. More than that just looks like a pig-sty.


6. Overgrown Lawn

It’s easy to let the lawn get out of hand sometimes ( ?‍♂️ guilty..). You have a lot on your plate with working full time, it’s rained the last two weekends in a row, and the kids have soccer every weekend out of town. Understandable. But if the front lawn gets tall enough to be a good hiding spot for your six-year-old, that’s a little bit much.

If your neighbour is letting their lawn turn into a small jungle, just try gently reminding them that snakes and spiders LOVE to hide out in tall grass. It’ll resemble a lawn again in no time.


7. Car Hobbyist

It’s great to have a hobby that keeps you busy and gives you an enjoyable outlet to escape your everyday pressures. It’s even better when your hobby is a useful skill to have for when life goes amok.

That said, turning your yard into a car lot will drive away any sense of class the neighbourhood has. Don’t be that guy.


8. Laundry Day

There’s a scene that’s used in movies where the beautiful woman is out in the yard, hanging laundry on the clothesline. It’s always romantic and artistic and makes her life seem simple and endearing.

It isn’t nearly as charming, though, when it’s on a small plot, the laundry has been out there for five days, and the rest of the yard is littered with items that can’t be classified as anything other than junk. If this is you, it might be time to hit the laundromat.


9. Technicolor Nightmare

Just when you thought that Pepto Pink is the ugliest color you could possibly paint a house…

Over the course of four days, a Florida man painted his home, trees, car, and driveway in a color scheme that can only be described as what you imagine tripping on acid is like. At least he was thorough: he painted the windows as well!

Before anyone gets any ideas, you should be aware that his Community Association is suing on behalf of the other residents because this stunt seriously devalued the other homes in the neighbourhood.




It’s easy to nitpick the things our neighbors do and get annoyed by them. Luckily, most neighbors try to be understanding and accommodating if you’re willing to have a frank conversation with them about what they’re doing and why it’s a problem. And if worst comes to worst, at least they didn’t put in a racetrack or tie dye their entire home!

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